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The Idea for the DrPeering web site came from a discussion at the Global Peering Forum held in the Dominican Republic. (The "Dr" in DrPeering.)

To the extent possible, DrPeering.net is "open". We do primary research in the field and share what lessons we learn with the broader community. We extend this openess to our plans as well by sharing the annual reports:

DrPeering 2009 Annual Report

DrPeering 2010 Annual Report


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From left to right: Frank Orlowski, Bill Norton & John Crain at RIPE Meeting, Bill Norton and Bevan Slattery's friends after the Sydney Peering Forum

William B. Norton had just retired from Equinix and kept getting questions about which Internet Peering White Paper was the most recent, and the DECIX was having great success building a new peering population from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It was looking like many of these folks might benefit from the knowledge contained the White Papers.

Frank Orlowski asked for an Ask DrPeering newsletter column that would be exclusine to the DECIX newletter, and Mr. Norton wanted to expand the scope to include a repository for the past white papers or perhaps replace them.

The DrPeering site has been an enormous effort but has finally evolved into the largest portal for Internet Peering knowledge in the world (based on Google rankings).

We have some introductory, advanced, and even some controversial ask.DrPeering.net articles.

We continue to apply new ways to communicate the information, and will certainly make some mistakes along the way, but we will continuously try new things. Keep checking back!

Here is the recent DrPeering Update given at the DE-CIX meeting September 2010 where we share our goals, strategies and tactics.

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Who is William B. Norton?

William B. Norton photo

Executive Director, Consultant, DrPeering International

WIlliam B. Norton is a consultant, author of The Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of the Internet, and highly sought after public speaker and international recognized expert on Internet Peering. He is currently engaged as the Executive Director and Consultant for DrPeering.net, a leading Internet Peering portal and consultancy. With over twenty years of experience, Mr. Norton focuses his attention on sharing his knowledge with the broader community in the form of presentations, Internet white papers, and private on-site consultations.

From 1998-2008, Mr. Norton’s title was Co-Founder and Chief Technical Liaison for Equinix, a leading Internet Peering Exchange and colocation center provider. From startup to IPO and until 2008 when the market cap for Equinix was $3.6B, Mr. Norton spent 90% of his time working closely with the Peering Coordinator Community. As an established thought leader, his focus was on building a critical mass of carriers, ISPs and Content Providers and documenting the core values that Internet Peering provided, including the Peering Break Even Point and Estimating the Value of an Internet Exchange.

To this end, he created the white paper process, identifying interesting and important Internet Peering operations topics, and documenting what he learned from the peering community. He published and presented his research white papers in over 100 international operations and research forums. These activities helped establish the relationships necessary to attract the set of Tier 1 ISPs, Tier 2 ISPs, Cable Companies, and Content Providers necessary for a healthy Internet Exchange Point ecosystem.

Mr. Norton developed the first business plan for the North American Network Operator's Group (NANOG), the Operations forum for the North American Internet. He was chair of NANOG from May 1995 to June 1998 and was elected to the first NANOG Steering Committee post-NANOG revolution.

William B. Norton received his Computer Science degree from State University of New York Potsdam in 1986 and his MBA from the Michigan Business School in 1998.

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