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Target network architects, business planners, network engineers, ... anyone looking to grow their network. The people reading the DrPeering web resources are most likely expanding their network presence by peering at emerging or established Internet Exchange Points. These people are in the market - a highly targeted market.

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Branding and unlimited (and unmetered!) click throughs come with the ads shown here. The only advertisers that can not advertise on this site are Internet Exchange Point operators, due to an existing exclusivity agreement.

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Another Customer Value : Peering Workshops Attract Prospects with Value

DrPeering runs Internet Peering Workshops around the globe to help bring new ISPs, Content Companies, regulators and members of the press up to speed on the whole Internet Peering process. We have a variety of formats and topics that can be covered in half day and two day workshops. We do these as private confidential consultations and as parts of larger events. Advertisers tell us that this helps them build and maintain relationships with those who will ultimately purchase equipment from them.

How does it work?

You book a DrPeering Internet Peering Workshop and host it on-site or in a hotel. Invite your customers and prospects and meet them there. The day will consists of presentations and discussions that will help your customers decide if and how expanding their network into peering locations makes sense. You will have a better understanding of peering and your customers will have received value from their interaction with you. This has proven to be a win-win. Prices vary based on the amount of preparation work and the hours required for travel and delivery of the material.




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