The Internet Peering Playbook : Connecting to the Core of the Internet


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This book is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the core of the Internet.

Internet Peering is one of the key aspects of the network neutrality debate, and this book explores these power dynamics between the players that interconnect at the core of the Internet. The reader will learn how the Internet is wired up, these behind-the-scenes interconnections of this network-of-networks.

"This book really reveals the true nature of the Internet. It gives a practical view about the Internet market which even many engineers developing Internet protocols are lacking. This is the number one book to learn the ways of which companies create interconnections in the Internet to serve their customers. Sometimes this requires even a rigorous fight for better performance and lower costs." -- Suomi Henna

For the first time in book form, we unveil this "black art" of Internet Peering, the under-documented practice of connecting to the core of the Internet.

The benefits of peering at the core of the Internet include:

  1. optimized network routing (essential for Internet video),
  2. lower Internet traffic latency (essential for financial transactions), and
  3. lower cost Internet traffic exchange (essential for large amounts of Internet traffic).

Internet Peering is how the big players (Comcast, Google, Verizon, Yahoo!, Facebook, Akamai, Limelight Networks, etc.) connect to the Internet.

What we see in the Internet today is that networks of scale, peer.

And this is the only book in the world that focuses on the practice of Internet peering.


Networks of Scale Connect to the Core of the Internet

One can understand the protocols, the technologies, and the routing algorithms, but that doesn't tell the story. The Internet is a global ecosystem of cooperating and competing networks, strategically interconnected to maximize performance and minimize costs. If you are operating a growing Internet service, it is essential that you to understand how the Internet Peering Ecosystem works at the core.

You will learn how the largest Internet service companies in the world:

This book will prepare you for connecting to the Core of the Internet. It introduces the terminology and describes the strategies and tactics for Internet Peering, Internet Transit and Exchange Points, collected from some of the smartest peering coordinators and IXP operators in the world.

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