Answers and Supplemental Material for Internet Peering

This page contains the answers to the exercises and some supplemental material from The Internet Peering Playbook available in June.


  1.   “If I peer with A, B, and C, won’t my peers start sending their traffic to each other through my network? (A with C, A with B)”

    No, remember that peering is not transitive. Your peer traffic does not traverse your network to reach your other peer networks. Peered traffic is only destined to and coming from your customers.

  2. After delivering a speech “Why Telstra won’t peer” I was approached by an Australian policy maker who suggested that peering sounded a lot like barter; that things of similar value (routes) are exchanged without the exchange of money. He pointed out that “Barter is something we tax here in Australia.” How is Paid Peering like barter? How is Paid Peering unlike barter?

    The case could be made that peering is barter. One could argue that the value of peering is proportional to the market price for traffic exchange. How one might implement the system is only part of the challenge. How one might game this scheme is a challenge left to the reader.

  3. Draw the network diagram using the peering and transit notation for the following scenario: ISP A and ISP B purchase transit from ISP C who peers with ISP D and ISP E. ISP D sells transit to ISP X and ISP E sells transit to ISP Y.

  4. In #3, would ISP C likely be interested in peering with ISP A?

    No, it is receiving money for being its upstream.

  5. Good Discussion Question for class. Should paid peering be priced the same as Internet Transit? What is the case for it being priced cheaper than transit, and what is the case for pricing is higher than the price of transit?

    One school of thought is that peering provids only a subset of the routes for the Internet so should be priced at a discount. Another view is that peering provides a more direct path and therefore better performance, and should be priced at a corresponding premium. A third view is that because of these previous view, it should be priced at themarket price for transit. All sides present a fair argument.

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Supplemental Material


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