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We offer confidential consultations, led by William B. Norton, Executive Director for DrPeering, former Co-Founder and Chief Technical Liaison for Equinix and former NANOG Chair.

Our clients include:

  1. international ISPs seeking on advice on building into multiple Internet Regions
  2. hardware manufactures looking to understand the customer perspective
  3. some of the largest investment institutions looking to understand the taxonomy of business models in the data center space
  4. investment analysts seeking to understand and model the value propositions provided by the different companies in the interconnection market
  5. regulators and policy makers seeking to understand Internet Peering
  6. Internet Exchange Points building critical mass and looking for business development strategies
  7. Executive teams looking to collectively get up to speed on Internet Peering

Terms & Conditions

We do limited on-site training and project work. Much of the material used in consultations and training is available in The Internet Peering Playbook: Connecting to the Core of the Internet book. This is a much less expensive alternative to on-site consulting.

For those that need an "expert in the room" to train or provide feedback or guidance, we work on a retainer basis plus travel costs. For small projects and phone consultations we also do hourly calls preferably through Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) but we have also worked directly with clients. On-site consultations typically include copies of The Internet Peering Playbook for all attendees.

How much does it cost?

Contact us to discuss pricing and availability.


Contact us by calling +1.650-614-5135 or sending e-mail to info (at) DrPeering.net


We help clients with:

  1. Investment thesis analysis - how data centers make money, choose locations, the market and competitve landscape, etc.
  2. On-site (Custom) Peering Workshops with consultation - the most popular way to get your team up to speed on Internet Peering
  3. The paths to be Tier 1 ISP - advise on international precedent - how others have applied leverage to reach Tier 1 (default-free) status?
  4. Presenting research at 100+ conferences around the world - we speak at industry events.
  5. Internet Interconnect Strategy - how rollout a new service and route traffic strategically, in line with business and peering strategy.
  6. Expert Witness on issues related to Internet Peering and Internet Exchange Points - what is a "Tier 1 IX?"
  7. Marketing Strategies, Marketing Research - developed and refined market projections for an emerging market.
  8. Service Definition and Development - developed market penetration strategy and plan for Asia.
  9. Executive job placement assistance - we helped an executive understand the technology of a prospective employer and coached her on the best match between skills, background and past accomplishments and the job she really wanted in another telecommunications sector.
  10. Premium Internet Bandwidth Market Creation - write business case for a new premium bandwidth market.
  11. Referrals, introductions, interim peering coordinator - help get peering set up with introductions after training, then passed the reigns to the peering team.
  12. Startup Advisor - Having seen a company grow from $0 revenue, through IPO, near bankruptcy and to $3.6B NASDAQ market cap, we make sure our clients don't make the same mistakes. We have a limited number of startups that we advise and we serve on two Boards of Directors

To discuss your project you may also send e-mail to consultants at DrPeering.net.



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